Founder and owner Widaad H Jacobs formally established Pro-Spa in 2020, with the Covid 19 pandemic the world has been facing
- many beloved Spa therapists has been left retrenched, suspended and let go from their companies with little to no income, there would be no better time to empower women and men in the industry alike to rebuild the Spa industry.
With a gap in the market for reasonably priced services by well presented, passionate professional and most importantly educated therapists, who now has the opportunity to bring tranquility to your home, business or event!

We are worldwide five star Spa providers of affluent clients around the world, travellers of leisure and business. We have an extensive database of celebrities, local and international, as well as the South African community. We provide the strictest confidentiality and discretion.
Forget about the hefty markups Spa’s charges you with rentals of their premises and the parking fee that comes along with it,
Once your comfortable in your own space, well transform your area into a little piece of heaven!
Unlike other companies, we do not charge transportation fees within certain parameters.
We only work with well known TRUSTED and EXPERIENCED Therapists with good standing in the spa industry. 
To ensure discretion, professionalism and the blissful relaxation you deserve at a fraction of the cost, let our hands do the talking.